What’s in a name?

A name says a lot about someone, even if that someone is a church. So let’s get acquainted with Drayton Reformed Church…

DRAYTON Nestled in the midst of central Ontario’s picturesque farmland, you’ll find the village of Drayton. Because it’s located within easy commuting distance to the urban centres of Guelph and Kitchener-Waterloo, many former city-dwellers choose to make their homes here. Still a farm town at heart, Drayton accommodates various small businesses, a public and a Christian elementary school, an award-winning theatre company and no less than nine local churches.
For more than fifty years the Drayton Reformed Church has been a vital part of the neighbourhood, opening its doors to numerous community activities and inviting people from the area to special events such as concerts and musicals, or outreach programs like Vacation Bible School or the Coffee Break/ Story Hour ministry for women and children. Check out Marlene Ottens’ article about the history of our congregation.

REFORMED As part of the broader denomination—the Reformed Church in America—our local congregation benefits from and contributes to a well organized network of more than 900 churches. Reformed congregations in Canada and the United States bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to their home communities and support missionaries and aid workers who take the Good News around the world. Learn more about the Reformed denomination, its history, structure and vision, by visiting www.rca.org.
Reformed people emphasize that all aspects of life belong to God—our relationships, vocations, and personal resources, as well as politics, science, the arts and social issues. Nothing is separate from our faith and everything is about the glory of God. To find out more about what it means to be Reformed, click on the “What We Believe” tab.

CHURCH   What comes to mind when you hear the word “church?” Do you think of tall steeples and bell towers, white clapboard structures or imposing cathedrals? In fact, church isn’t about buildings or even organizations. The church is people—God’s people. Our lives centre on the truth of the Bible, loving God above all else and loving others as ourselves. By faith (a work of the Holy Spirit) we trust Jesus Christ for our salvation and peace with God. We’re forgiven but still imperfect, awaiting Christ’s return to establish His kingdom of healing and light. In the meantime, we live as people grateful for a renewed relationship with God, telling people everywhere with our words and actions that His love is available to all. For more about what it means to be church, take a look into God’s word—the Holy Bible, especially the book of Acts. Why not join us for worship and experience church firsthand?