In 1952, Drayton was a small bustling village with more churches per capita than many Ontario towns - but another one was yet to come. A large group of Reformed Church members had settled in the Drayton area after emigrating from Holland. Initially, they attended the Harriston Reformed Church, but the 20-mile commute was a challenge and it was decided to plant a new church in Drayton.

In 1952, 75 members began meeting in a member's living room. The congregation grew and moved to the town hall, now the thriving Drayton Festival Theatre. Land was purchased on the edge of town and a new church building was dedicated in 1957. Over the years, there have been several additions to the building. The biggest undertaking was in 1999, when a new sanctuary was constructed, with a library, classrooms, nursery and meeting rooms below. The existing sanctuary became the congregation's fellowship hall, with a large new kitchen constructed on one side.

The congregation keeps busy with a host of committees, study groups, fellowship opportunities and fundraising dinners. A vibrant Sunday School program and active youth ministry - with as many as 30 per cent of the participants from outside of the church - add to the vitality and future of the church. A mix of musical styles, from the traditional organ to a multi-instrument praise band, provides worshippers with a multitude of ways to celebrate God's gift of music. Because of the building's location and user-friendly design, it has become a hub for community activities: mom and tot clubs, Girl Guides, and other groups routinely use DRC as their meeting place.

Drayton Reformed Church is one of nine churches in the community of 1,400; yet, many do not have a church home. Reaching out has been an ongoing challenge and opportunity at DRC. By remaining open and available to both members of the church and the community at large, by offering Bible study and fellowship opportunities year round, by focusing on mission opportunities around the corner and around the world, and by hosting everything from choir cantatas and a '50s musical dinner theatre to men's breakfasts, mid-week Coffee Break and Story Hour, and inclusive social opportunities for all ages - by doing these things and more, and with the blessings of our Heavenly Father, the congregation of Drayton Reformed prays for a long and fruitful future.