Can you imagine…

  • Sitting in the pew and not understanding a single word of the Bible the priest is reading from?
  • How it would feel to be dirt poor and believe that you have to buy your loved one’s escape from purgatory?
  • Wouldn’t it be miserable to think that whether you spend eternity in heaven or hell depends on how well you can live up to a prescribed set of religious expectations?
    • That’s how it was for many lay people in the church of the early 1500s. But the winds of change were stirring.

      Martin Luther, a German monk, struggled in knowing that even his pious life could never reconcile him with a perfect God. While studying the Book of Romans, Luther came across the astonishing truth that justification comes only through faith in Christ. He went on to challenge the unbiblical practices of the church, sparking what would become known as the Reformation—a period in history where sweeping changes led to the establishment of Protestant churches across Europe.

      The work of Luther and other Reformers, especially French theologian John Calvin still influences our modern Reformed perspective. We view all aspects of life as the domain of our Sovereign God and believe that the Bible is God’s Holy Word—the authoritative guide to Christian living and sound church doctrine. We enjoy tremendous freedom as God’s dearly loved children, knowing that God has graciously saved us through the work of Jesus Christ. As the Holy Spirit enables us to understand this truth, we respond with the desire to serve God with our whole lives, as Jesus did, to the glory of His name.

      Knowing Jesus as Saviour and Lord brings us peace and joy. We’re able to study the Bible and grow in a rich relationship with God, including prayer, worship, fellowship and service to others. You can learn more about the foundational doctrines and creeds of the Reformed Church in America by visiting And we warmly invite you to join us in the Drayton Reformed Church as we continue to explore the love of God and the life of faith.